Set of 3 Self Adhesive Door Hooks for Kids - Double Sided Sticky Hangers for Kitchen Bathroom Decoration - Hanging Coat Hat Towel - Max Load 3KG - B076HTS67T

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  • 🌟 Our plastic Door Hooks are decorative and perfect to teach the boys and girls to keep their childrens bedroom tidy.

  • 🌟 3 Pieces candy coloured shape hangers that makes them suitable for bathroom, bedroom, children's room. You can create your own combination of bolts with various nuts.

  • 🌟 They can carry out the weights up to 3 kg. They are great for hanging hats, towels, paintings, empty bags, belts, jackets, trousers. Made from plastic, it is safe for your health. The size of each hook is 2.4"х1.8" (about 61x46 mm).

  • 🌟 You don't have to make any holes in your wall - Clean surface and leave to dry before installation - Peel the backing off the hook, take care not to touch the adhesive - Place the Hook carefully on the desire spot and press firmly again the surface - Leave the adhesive to dry for 24 hours before hanging anything on the hooks.

  • 🌟 MONEY BACK 100% GUARANTEE★ We are a small family business and our aim is to make sure that you are 100% satisfied! Even if we are sure of the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers, we offer the Satisfied or Return within 30 days after receipt of the items

  • Tiny but mighty

    You think you don't need them? You just haven't tried them!

    How often do you stumble across the room because of a mountain of unorganised tiny staff, like bags? Not a rare case, we presume. Have you ever tried to make your way around your children's room but surprisingly in vain? Oh, we bet you have. Do you ever grumble that there isn't enough space in your garage, kitchen or hallway even though they all used to look huge once? Well, everyone does that from time to time, especially when nothing is done to prevent this. Some people even consider that to be the norm, naïve little things, right? When you see such good looking wall hooks, you don't really think you need them, but that's because you have never tried them out. It's always just like that: we don't even presume how drastically our life will change thanks to some cuties like these.
    But o-la-la, as soon as you try them and see that they do their thing. No wonder! There are so many things to adore them for:

    - help keeping a personal space in order
    - are perfect for kids, as well as for teaching them to keep everything organised in a playful manner
    - look sweet and fun, and can brighten up any décor
    - are made of health-friendly high-quality materials
    - no need to puzzle you brains over their installation. One, two, three and they are done.
    - are multifunctional and can be used almost everywhere
    - can even serve as presents that will surely make your loved once beam with joy!

    Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? And it will stay a dream unless you try them out and see this classic "tiny but mighty" case with your own eyes. No need to grumble and trip around any longer! Off with hard-core mass and pesky clutter! It takes just a couple of clicks and these indispensable little helpers are at your disposal. Once you try them, you'll never be able to imagine your life without them!

    Set of 3 Self Adhesive Door Hooks for Kids - Double Sided Sticky Hangers for Kitchen Bathroom Decoration - Hanging Coat Hat Towel - Max Load 3KG - B076HTS67T

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